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KiwiSaver Advice

We are here to sort out your KiwiSaver Account. That’s it.

The average Kiwi could potentially lose forty thousand dollars in their KiwiSaver account by being in the wrong fund. So we launched National Capital Limited, a registered Financial Service Provider to recommend the best fund for you. All we need from you is a few minutes of your time to go through the advice process. We will do the rest.

We will recommend the appropriate KiwiSaver fund for you and explain to you why it is appropriate for your circumstances and goals. Once you are on board, we will monitor your recommend KiwiSaver fund to ensure it remains appropriate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this advice cost me?

NO. Going through the advice process and getting our advice will cost you nothing.

If you decide to follow our advice and ask us to implement it for you, then the KiwiSaver Scheme provider will pay us a fee for providing you with advice.

What is the process?

Our advice process is 100% online and really easy for you. We do all the work in the backend so you don't have to!

In the first step, you will go to our secure web form. There you will enter the information that is needed so that we can give you good advice. This should take you about 10-15 mins.

This information is processed by us to determine your investor profile. We then match your investor profile to all of the KiwiSaver funds we have researched and recommend an appropriate KiwiSaver fund for you.

In the third step, you will go through our recommendation and decide for yourself if it makes sense for you. You can then go ahead with the recommendation, ask questions if you have any, or decide that you do not want to proceed.

And that’s all you’ll need to do. If you decide to go ahead, National Capital will then do the work of implementing the recommendations along with your KiwiSaver provider.

Why National Capital?

National Capital is formed on the principles of pūataata (transparency), tikanga (ethics) and taurikura (prosperity). Our mission is to help 1 million Kiwis become financially secure and not have to worry about money. Everything we do will be in an ethical manner and we will allow you to be the judge of that by being 100% transparent.

Our ethics policy reflects how we aim to achieve our goal above.

National Capital

National Capital is based in Auckland and was founded by Clive Fernandes. Of the 34,000 advisers in New Zealand, less than 6 percent are Authorised Financial Advisers, of whom Clive is one. Prior to launching National Capital, he worked for Findex, a Australia/NZ advisory firm with over seventeen billion dollars in funds under advice. He has over 18 years of experience in Technology, Business and Investing and has founded and run multiple successful companies. Clive's mission now is to help Kiwi's become financially secure by using all the skills and experience he has gained over the last 18 years.

Service Partners

David Greenslade is an advisor to National Capital

He has over 30 years of experience in the NZ Financial Services Industry. He is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management (AFNZIM) and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Rennie Cox provides legal services to National Capital.

The firm dates back to 1920, and is one of the few firms in Auckland, or indeed in New Zealand, where there have been three generations of the same family as partners from inception through to the present day.

Strategi Limited provides Compliance services to National Capital.

It is an experienced specialist in the provision of compliance and consulting services to financial advisers. Strategi has been providing consultancy services since 1999 – initially for Armstrong Jones which then became ING, then OnePath and now also ANZ Investments.

Find Best
KiwiSaver Fund

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You will be directed to our secure web form where you can enter in the information we require to recommend the appropriate KiwiSaver fund for you.